Need Roof Repairs ?

If you’ve ever needed property repairs, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of sticker shock when estimates come rolling in from local contractors. It’s tempting to save money by hiring a resident or handyman for the job. This is fine if you’re dealing with odd jobs or routine maintenance—but when it comes to roof repairs, this is a job that’s best left for the pros. Here … Continue reading Need Roof Repairs ?

Fannie Mae and Mobile Homes

Mobile home parks usually suffer from a dowdy image of small communities occupied by buildings that are modest and nondescript—at best. That image could be polished, slightly, as a few states are enabling buyers of mobile homes to qualify for Fannie Mae loans. In New Hampshire, occupants of approved resident-owned communities (ROCs) can already have their homes titled as real property. Now Fannie Mae and … Continue reading Fannie Mae and Mobile Homes

Understanding REITs

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a special type of company that invest in different kinds of real estate or real estate related assets, including shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, self-storage facilities, and long-term care communities. REITs do not pay corporate income tax, and to qualify for this tax break, the Internal Revenue Code requires that the company must pay 90% of its taxable income … Continue reading Understanding REITs

Many Liked Last Post: So Food For Thought, Brain Healthy Habits…

  Help give your brain a boost in the right direction by implementing these 10 brain-healthy habits. Get moving Studies show that being physically active may help reduce some risks to your brain health. It doesn’t matter what activity you do as long as you get your heart pumping for 30 minutes most days. Eat up By watching your diet, you may be able to … Continue reading Many Liked Last Post: So Food For Thought, Brain Healthy Habits…


One of the most important things you should be aware about losing weight is the realization that you can’t do it overnight – losing a big amount of weight is a difficult task which requires sacrifice and dedication besides the healthy diet and regular exercise. Obesity is an increasing health concern worldwide, and is also associated with dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high … Continue reading You Asked For It: 7 DELICIOUS DRINKS THAT WILL BOOST YOUR METABOLISM !

Do You Need A Property Mentor ?

Anything worth achieving in life is worth fighting for. That fight will differ depending on who we are and what it is we want to achieve. Attaining financial freedom through property investing takes time, patience and smart buying. But each of us will have our own obstacles that will threaten our dreams becoming a reality. Some of these obstacles might include the following. Lack of … Continue reading Do You Need A Property Mentor ?

Bail In? What Is That ?

  Remi Lukosiunas The banking sector is in great shape overall, both here and abroad, according to our Weiss Ratings data. There are always exceptions, and that’s why you should always check your bank’s safety rating with Weiss. But the fear and loathing we all felt in 2007-2009 is fading into history. Still, the 10-year anniversaries of several major institutional failures are fast approaching. So … Continue reading Bail In? What Is That ?

Social Security and Medicare

In the United States we have two national programs to care for the elderly. Social Security provides a small pension, and Medicare covers medical expenses. All workers pay taxes that supposedly fund the benefits we may someday receive. That’s actually not true, as we will see in a little bit. Neither of these programs is comprehensive. Living on Social Security benefits alone is a pretty … Continue reading Social Security and Medicare